Psst - it's a jungle out here.
So where does one go when looking for a trusted guide to this high performance jungle? To our mind, we'd want someone who stays on top of the most recent - and most trustworthy - evidence; who knows what's being sold out there; who can provide objective advice and information because they don't profit from any particular plan or supplement; and someone who can work with you, seamlessly and reliably, to make the best decisions on what works best for YOU We have decided that an objective, non-financially conflicted partner is going to grow in importance as the jungle gets even trickier. So Cognitrition is stepping back and taking a breather to try and figure out the best ways to be that trusted guide - who is not selling any plans, products, or programs - for those who are looking for their own, best paths. Stay tuned - and if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions on the right way to do this, we are definitely in listening mode. Contact